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We believe in long-term commitments with added-value, which are focusing on real partnerships.

We handle every single sponsorship project with a strategic approach, in order to measurably contribute to the growth of business, brands and communities.

We believe that a sponsorship is not an action for its own sake, but it is a key element in the process of the development of brand values.

Our main focus lies in the establishment of sustainable sponsorship platforms. We are dedicated to develop own creative projects and ideas, that can be successful and efficient channels.

Our knowledge and experience covers all sponsorship activities related to sports, arts, events, locations, individuals or organizations.

  • Having an integrated-and innovative approach
  • Thinking creative
  • Putting sustainability first
  • Making it transparent
  • Doing it efficient
  • Applying a strategic view
  • Being credible
  • Using all our knowledge, passion and experience



A proper and precisely planned sponsorship strategy offers an unique opportunity for sponsors and brands to place their brand messages like no other channel can enable.

  • Monitoring, analysis and efficiency-tracking of existing sponsorship portfolio
  • Elaboration of overall sponsorship strategy
  • Procurement of related sponsorship researches
  • Overall management of sponsorships
  • Activisation of sponsorships (PR, events etc.)
  • Efficiency measurement and tracking
  • Activisation of sponsorship within the internal communications and CSR
  • Review of potential cooperation and business opportunities within sponsor-circle


With our experience and know-how in the field of sponsorship management, we lend a helping hand for right-holders in planning and implementing new or existing projects in the most efficient way.

  • Complete sponsorship audit service
  • Review of existing projects and cooperation
  • In case of new projects, development of feasibility study, pricing and business planning
  • Full-service management of communication and marketing activities supporting the right holder
  • Design consultancy and production
  • Development and production of sponsor enquiries
  • Management of sponsor offers and enquiries
  • Management of all sponsorship related communication tasks
  • Handling of sponsorship rights
  • Keeping contact to sponsors, brands other business partners
  • Assertion of interests and representation of right holders
  • Education and training programs in field of sponsor relations




Ildikó Mihók

Managing Director

Ildikó has altogether 22 years of business experience, 12 years as marketing and communications director. She always believed in sponsorships with added-value, whether in sports, culture or professional events. Has experience both as sponsor and right-holder. (K&H Insurance Co., UNIQA Insurance Co., Hungarian Olympic Committee, Saint-Gobain)

„If the ladder is not leaning towards the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.“
Stephen R. Covey

Orsolya Vass

Strategic director

Orsolya has 15 years of experience in marketing communications, working for leading telecommunications (PanTel) and energy brands (E.ON). Throughout her career she has covered internal communications, online marketing and has special skills in project management related to brand communications, and sponsorship management.

„Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.“
Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO


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